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        If you’ve ever wondered what the heck a virtual assistant is or what we do, here’s simple explanation for you!

        Skills of a virtual assistant can vary person to person, but the general idea of a VA is someone who provides support to various businesses from a remote location. Thanks to technology it can be done anywhere, which is great for lots of different people.

        Virtual assistants can do a ton of various work for businesses of all types, and with the growing rate of entrepreneurship it’s more widely needed than every before.

        So what do they do exactly? It depends on the skills of the individual in the long run, but the ideal virtual assistant would do clerical work, communication with business clients as needed, and digital skills like social media and graphic design.

        There are also speciality virtual assistants that work only for specific companies, like real estate or marketing.

        What we love about VA work is that it allows us to use all of our skills that we love doing and more, while getting to be home with our growing families. It’s an especially great work for anyone who is looking for some supporting side cash. Many people also make it a full-time living and spend their time on the road or traveling abroad.

        The amount you make as a VA is truly up to you. Some will subcontract for as little as $10/hour all the way up to $25+/hour. It will depend on the budget of the business contracting you, if it’s steady work for more than a few months or project-to-project based, and what your skillset is overall. Don’t be afraid to charge what you’re worth. That’s super important to making it worth your while.

        If you’re thinking about virtual assistant work yourself, feel free to contact us. We’d love to share some tips with you on getting started! (Or of course if you need a VA, let’s work together!)