My Story

The Creative Ruby started in 2015 when I decided to begin to freelance. I learned web design while studying it in college as well as working for several web design companies in Idaho and California. Now, I not only continue designing websites but I am able to help others with social media and more of my talents. Nothing is more fun than loving what you do and helping others while doing it.


Why I Do It

There is no doubt that in recent years the passion for entrepreneurialism has grown immensely. With shows like Shark Tank and The Profit and endless American dream success stories, it’s no wonder that people everywhere want to achieve their dreams. Everyone wants to be able to do what they love and have more free time to enjoy their loved ones and adventures, right?! I’m are able to live my dreams by helping you build yours. It’s the best!


I Do it All

I design new websites as well as redesign outdated ones. In fact, a lot of my clients have had successful businesses for years and realize that they’re old website needs to be redone. I love helping with that! Plus, it’s crucial to have a mobile-friendly website. Social media is just fun for me because I love everything about it and I love what it can do for brands. I also bring on a great friend of mine who is an excellent social media manager.

You Should Go For It

If you’ve been thinking about starting a business or blog (on the side or full-time) you should go for it! I love to encourage everyone to give their dreams a shot. It’s not always easy and you won’t always be rich in a material way. However, if you want freedom and the joy of being rich with happiness then freelance or entrepreneurism may just be for you! If you want to chat about it, I’d be happy to talk to you so feel free to contact me.

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