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        When I was going to school for web design, I wasn’t sure where exactly it would go.

        I changed my major about 5 times in the course of my college career and didn’t have much direction. I love so many different things, how could I choose?! Deciding on web design was clearly the best choice, and since that time I’ve loved everything about it.

        My first official web design job was interning for a company that was 20 years old and still stuck in the 1990s world of web design. Not only that, but it was owned by a man that I didn’t quite see eye-to-eye with. I had all these great ideas for modernizing the business…but they were all ignored. Every. Single. One.

        Luckily my next job in web design was with a great company that’s owned and operated by amazing women! (With the exception of the owner’s husband and son.) I loved the atmosphere and the example that the owner of the business was to me of what a powerful female entrepreneur should be. I wanted to be like that.

        Once I was finished there, I decided to start my own web design business. I followed the example of her and many others and that has gotten me where I am today. I’ve worked with many different types of people and companies over the years, but what I love most is working with amazing women and helping them live their dreams.

        Now I focus on website designs for everyone, but love helping fellow female business owners, photographers, and bloggers. It’s amazing and I love what I do so much!

        So welcome to TCR, where I design websites for women who run the world.